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The key to success is passion and determination, don’t be afraid to take risks and follow your dream to reach your goals.

Ihab Tabbara, author, consultant, and coach holds an MBA from London Business School where he was recognized for his outstanding contributions and honored with a Student Achievement Award. With an entrepreneurial spirit, creative and forward-thinking growth mindset, Ihab went on to specialize in strategic planning and marketing. Ihab’s professional success in the retail industry has evolved over twenty-two years leading business development, supply chain management, and strategic planning among diverse teams across forty multi-site operations within the MENA region trading in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and the UAE. Currently, Ihab extends his professional expertise as Managing Partner at Spectrum, a retail consultancy firm based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In addition to gaining professional accolades from industry peers, Ihab is an acclaimed public speaker moderating panel discussions and organizing keynote speaker events globally. Most recently, Ihab launched Pathways to Business Success, a podcast series that takes a closer look at the full spectrum of the business world with industry insiders.

Along his professional path, Ihab has followed his passions and result-oriented mindset. Ihab started his career as executive sales for two years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He then got promoted and worked for four years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Sales and Marketing Manager. Further to that, he got reallocated to work in Dubai, UAE as a Sales Manager for one year. Eventually, Ihab decided to start his own retail business in Beirut, Lebanon for four years. In his personal pursuits, Ihab created an official Alumni Chapter for London Business School comprising over 100 members where he organizes monthly social gatherings and quarterly keynote speaker events. Ihab has devoted time and effort towards his professional pursuits, but at his core, he is a family man. Ihab is married and a proud father of three children. His two sons have made great achievements and are currently studying Engineering. He enjoys traveling and vacationing to spend quality time with his family. He enjoys an active lifestyle, playing tennis, and running. 




Ihab Tabbara is a Managing Partner at Spectrum. The company provides business leaders with the necessary support and guidance for crucial decision-making processes. Spectrum utilizes professional coaching, counseling, and offers relevant market analysis and retail business knowledge. Spectrum delivers comprehensive business plans, tailored to your specific business, in order to achieve your desired results and achieve your business’s goals.


Ihab is a certified professional coach, specializing in executive and business coaching in the Middle East. He supports individual and C-suite executives to find their business pathways. He guides professionals to reach their objectives and personal goals through promoting self-awareness, enlightening clarity, and motivating choices. Using his transformative coaching approaches, Ihab can help guide you to sustainable professional changes. Ihab leads you through each step to promote your motivation and create concrete plans for achieving powerful and ongoing change.

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Ihab Tabbara - LBS Student Award

London Business School has awarded Ihab Tabbara a Student Award, here is an excerpt from the article "As a dedicated Academic rep and ambassador for the School, many have come to rely on Ihab for advice or support. Patient, perceptive and positive he strengthened the connection of the Programme Office with the class. He has recently taken on the additional role of Gulf Association Chapter leader in Jeddah, reviving the LBS community in the city."


Public Speaking

Ihab is passionate about continuous learning and public speaking, and with that drive, he joined Toastmaster Club. He was awarded multiple certificates and the Coin Award for sponsoring 5 new members 

Certifications & Trainings

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