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A lesson learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic from my perspective.

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

How are societies coping with the lockdown?

Some people are either

  • a) taking care of our children with online studying and struggling to cope with them,

  • b) doing a workout,

  • c) enjoying free time,

  • d) leveraging this time by taking online courses, attending webinars, reading books and articles; enhancing our competence by self-Development or

  • e) lost their job and hence being unemployed.

We have reached a new era and life will not return to normal. Human behavior has pivoted in many forms such as: how we act, communicate, buy, conduct a meeting, plan for business or leisure travels and on how we take care of our health (wash and clean our hand & social distancing).

It is a good time for us to benefit from this idle time to connect and reach out to our dormant ties and also to self reflects on our life journey. Gaze on your strengths and capabilities to leverage them. Sketch your milestone journey and see where you can make an impact going forward. Communicate with your loved one, peers, closed circle and connection for advice and support. New opportunities will arise and you need to act and think positively.

How are leaders coping with the lockdown?

Some leaders are either a) having a hard time managing these crises, b) Not making any decision hence status quo or c) taking action to sustain their business during those crises.

As we all know ‘cash is king’ and we as leaders need to preserve it and we also need to plan multiple scenarios in our business model. A leader needs to rethink and reposition the company brand identity once the pandemic halt. They will be a gap in some of the industries after the COVID-19, hence I believe, a new disruptive opportunity will emerge.

It is the moment to rethink and engage in a digital platform ecosystem within your company and make the transformation during this leverage time.

Think digital transformation as the new era and now is the opportunity to engage and prepare yourself.

Stay positive

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